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Acer Aspire A315 - Ryzen 2500U stuck at 400Mhz

shubshub Posts: 1Member Newbie

On my Aspire A315, I'm facing this problem since a couple of days. The CPU is stuck at 400Mhz for some reason. And the machine is barely useable.
The biggest success so far was updating Bios from 1.09 to 1.11, which caused it to run at a x16 Multiplier, 1600Mhz until the next reboot, where it is now stuck at 400 again.

- Fan-Speed control seems to be working fine. Now it starts at around 50°C at very low speed, cools the CPU down to approx 40°C and then stops again.
- BIOS update was done to latest version
- Installed latest AMD Drivers
- Installed Acer care center and updated everything
- I took out the battery and cmos battery for a while to reset everything
- Toyed around with windows power plans, CPU min power to 100% and everything with no success as well.

This happens on Battery and Plugged in alike.

Any further Ideas are very welcome.
Or should i just turn it in for repair ?

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  • kjelltkjellt Posts: 3Member New User
    same problem, must be a bios or firmware issue. 
    issue start when connecting power when powerd on. cpu get stuck at 400mhz and a restart of windows solves it. installed  the latest bios, same problem. 
    acer need to make a new bios that unlocks the cpu to run in normal mode under battery. lett windows power options decide if the cpu will runn at 1400mhz or not.  

    Model Name: A315-41 Part Number: NX.GY9ED.036 with a ryzen 7 3700u 

  • JackEJackE Posts: 19,301ACE Trailblazer
    >>>On my Aspire A315, I'm facing this problem since a couple of days>>>

    Open ControlPanel. Search 'restore point'. Click 'create a restore point' in left pane. Click 'system restore' button. Click 'next'. Seach for an automatic restore point with a date stamp that coincides with the day the problem started. Jack E/NJ
    Jack E/NJ
  • kjelltkjellt Posts: 3Member New User
    think maybe I found a "fix" . first navigate to the firmware in device manager . update the driver with a online search. restart with ac. restart with battery and power off. next power on with battery for me was 1.4ghz now.  now the cpu operates at 1.4ghz and 60% when benching 7-zip instead of 0.38ghz and 20% lock. hope this helps. also hope acer fixes this with a bios update and also let the cpu operate at 2.4ghz (base clock)when on battery. 
  • kjelltkjellt Posts: 3Member New User
    edit: the restarts are important, IF windows has "fast startup" enabled. you can find this setting in the old control panel -> power options -> Choose what the power buttons do. 
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