What is the difference between the CB242Y bir and the CB242Y bmirx?

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What the title says.  These monitors have different prices but seemingly identical specs, what is different?  Do either have a DisplayPort connection?  Is there are way to interpret Acer part numbers to understand what "bir" and "bmirx" actually means?  Is there a support number that I can call to ask these questions to Acer customer support (I only see technical support which requires already owning a product)?  Thanks all for the help, this has been very frustrating.


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    Please find the link to compare the details between the two monitors..


    While viewing the details on the link you can find a  button on the top left corner.   It is toggle button called "Differrent only".  You can click on it to find the comparison and difference.  

    There are only two differrences between the two monitors
    All the other specifications remains the same..

    The two differences are

    Environmental Certification

    TCO on on CB242Y bir

    TCO on CB242Y bmirx


    Technical Information


    Tearing Prevention Technology

    AMD FreeSync™  on CB242Y bir

    AMD FreeSync™ - DisplayPort VRR on CB242Y bmirx

    The cost difference between the two monitors are also very less

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    Hi mohan,

    I apologize for leaving this out of my original post, but I have already looked at that and as far as I can tell the "differences" listed aren't actually different, just different ways of typing the same thing.  Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

    While the bir does show a RoHS certification, the requires to be TCO certified are a superset of the RoHS certification requirements.  So any item that is TCO certified also meets RoHS requirements.  It just happens that it is not listed on the bmirx.

    For the FreeSync differences, I also believe this is also a difference in wording, not a functional difference.  Neither monitor shows support for a DisplayPort connection, so the addition of "DisplayPort VRR" on the bmirx doesn't add anything.
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    CB242Y bmirx has  speakers meanwhile CB242Y bir has NO speakers, the newer 2020 product CB242Y Dbmiprcx has Display port