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Computer won't boot up.

mangcoolmangcool Posts: 1Member

Hey guys, having some problems here with my Acer Desktop PC (AM3400-u2052).


First of all, the problem started a few days ago. My external periphreals won't receive any power (monitor, USB mouse/keyboard, speakers, and printer) and I don't know if the computer even boots up because there was no display. So, I tried opening up the case checking if all the power supply connections are good and they seem all fine. Just to make sure, I disconnected them and connected them back to their proper connections. When I tried to boot up the computer again, this time the blue LED light on the power button won't light up, no beeps on start up, no nothing. The fans are going, power supply and the fan over the CPU. I looked up for some answers online and some said to remove the CMOS battery and put it back in, but that didn't work for me either.


I hope you guys can help me. Thanks!


  • lsemmenslsemmens Posts: 4Member

    Check the RAM, I've just been caught by two sticks of dud RAM that gave the same symptoms, no BIOS, no nothing.

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