P1173, new bulb same problem. Solid red lamp light and bulb stays off.

RattyRatty Member Posts: 1 New User
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I have a P1173 which had been working fine. Never had any faults or issues until a short while ago. 

When I went to turn it on, you can hear all the regular noises like the fan starting up but the bulb does not come on and I get a solid red lamp light.

I figured it was the bulb, so I replaced it (even though the original is nowhere near its full life). However I still get the same issue. You can hear the projector attempt to start up a couple of times, then I get the lamp light. I've also had an air duster in when I changed the bulb to clear anything off the fan.

I can't access the menu to reset bulb life either as the bulb doesn't come on so I can't see anything.

Any help would be much appreciated.


  • diacaddiacad Member Posts: 1 New User

    I have a similar problem. After replacing bulb, the "end of life" message still appears. Is there a way to reset the projector so this doesn't happen?

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