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Acer Aspire 3 A315-41G BIOS 1.15 Upgrade Stuck @ Boot

I tried to update my BIOS from 1.13 to 1.15 and it stuck at this point. What to do with this? Any ideas?

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  • FelGateFelGate Member Posts: 52 Devotee
    I fixed the problem and resurrected my laptop through BIOS recovery.
  • VinuVPMVVinuVPMV Member Posts: 43 Devotee
    how you fixed?

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  • FelGateFelGate Member Posts: 52 Devotee
    edited September 2019
    VinuVPMV said:
    how you fixed?

    You can refer to my last post.

    Or you can follow these steps
    (If your laptop is bricked or having a failed bios update)
    1. Download your Laptop Bios software on another PC/Laptop.
    2. Run the downloaded Bios software (The software would result to an error due to incompatibility, Do not close the error dialog or the Failed extracted/loaded Bios software)
    3. Open %Temp% folder using Run command
    4. Find the most Recent folder created by the Bios software and Open it.
    5. Find the bin files. Example: AB7HG.bin (This is your Bios Firmware.
    6a. Rename your Bios .bin file extension to .fd file extension. Example: AB7HG.fd
    6b. Or refer to your Acer Bios Documents, in some cases you need to add x64 in your filename. Example: AB7HGx64.fd
    6c. If steps above is done. Prepare your bootable USB Drive
    7a. By Using Rufus Software (I used Rufus 2.16 for Simplicity)
    7b. Set your Boot Options to UEFI-GPT
    7c. File System must be FAT32
    7d. Uncheck Create USB using ISO
    7e. Start Formatting
    8. When done Put your Bios.FD file to your USB. (AB7HGx64.fd)
    9a. Turn your Laptop off and Disconnect your AC Adapter.
    9b. If your battery is removable then you can remove it, If it's an Internal Battery then let it be.
    10. Plug your USB
    11. Press FN+ESC keys
    12. Plug your AC Adapter
    13. Press Power button while still holding FN+ESC keys and Hold it for 5 secs then Release the pressed keys. (You can hear that your fan is spinning at max.)
    14. There will be an indication on both of your USB and Power Indicator (might also blink.)
    15. Wait for about 5 minutes until the process is finished. (Your Laptop will automatically Shuts off or Reboot itself, Then that's it. You are done and your Waifu laptop is now or would be breathing again.)
  • FelGateFelGate Member Posts: 52 Devotee
    As I learned through the process. I diagnosed This error/bios update failure that occurred to me as I both use BIOS Password and HDD Password which can affect the BIOS upgrade process. If possible, Remove BIOS and HDD Passwords first before proceeding with BIOS upgrades.
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