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Nitro 7 (AN715-51-796C) Ram/Optane/etc questions

MainerunrMainerunr Posts: 30Member Enthusiast
OK, so I picked up a Nitro 7 last week and I see almost no reference to it here at all.  The reality is I won't be doing much gaming on it but I do plan on using it for photo/video editing and probably some CAD work.  My old Asus was dying and I figured if I was replacing it, I didn't want something that was marginally faster (it had an i7-3632QM but no dedicated graphics, the i7 'U' processors benchmark around 20% better than that old 3rd gen).  I didn't *need* dedicated graphics but it seems finding an 'H' processor without it is difficult and for some reason more expensive.  

Anyway, I've already swapped the 500gb SSD from my old laptop into the new so I've got two drives, happy with that situation but I noticed when I booted to USB to test my Macrium recovery drive, that the BIOS that SATA is set for Intel Optane (which I do not have).  I also noticed two Boot Managers but I think I resolved that one by eliminating all the partitions that were on the transplanted SSD and consolidating them to a single data partition.  Would there be any reason to change that Sata setting to something else?  I probably will drop another M.2 SSD into the open slot at some point (because why not) but I want to be sure that bios setting will not cause problems.

The other thing I noticed is that with nothing running, just after boot, around 3.8gb of RAM is being used.  I've deleted all the ACER stuff except NitroSense.  Nothing is using much memory.  After swapping the drive out of my old laptop I put the old spinner HDD back in it and clean installed windows and that was only using 1.9gb after boot.  I did see a similar comment about a Nitro 5 but no real resolution.

As for RAM, looks like DDR4, 2400 is what it needs, probably going to upgrade from 8gb to 16 mostly for the benefits of dual channel since it only has a single 8gb stick right now.

I also ran the Intel XTU test out of curiosity and it did power limit when running the test but when running handbrake, HWInfo reported a max temp of 84C over a 2 hour period.  I am not real concerned about whether it could be a little faster, I was more concerned about temperature (and not being up around 90C for long periods of time).  I may undervolt but I have not decided for sure yet.

So far, seems like a decent laptop. I know it's got the cheaper screen but it is still an upgrade from my old laptop and really, I've got a nice 24" IPS monitor sitting in the other room if I need a better screen.

Sorry for the rambling.  Anyway, any thoughts on the Sata setting in the bios, recommended RAM upgrades (I tend to stick to G.Skill and Crucial, I am not real familiar with CL numbers, I assume lower is better). And I've seen that some Nitro 5's seem to not support NVME but (I think) the M.2 that came installed in the model I have is an NVME drive.  I'm sure I will add another 500gb or more at some point.

One last thing (I just remembered).  Because there is so little mention of the Nitro 7, there is almost no chatter about the BIOS but I have seen some issues with some revisions of the Nitro 5 bios.  My bios is currently 1.02, I believe there is a 1.05 and 1.09 available (and nothing between).  Is the newest version the way to go or is it better to go with the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' with Acer?

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