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What External Mouse and Keyboards are compatible with Acer 315 Chromebooks

kannon8833kannon8833 Posts: 1Member New User
We are getting our work laptops replaced with Acer 2315 Chromebooks.  I would like to add an external full size keyboard and mouse.  How do I make sure when buying that they will be compatible with the Acer 315 Chromebook?  Thanks

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  • TECH_MANTECH_MAN Posts: 329Member Seasoned Practitioner
    edited September 12
    Hi kannon8833
    You can use Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse,

    Pair the wireless mouse:

    1. Power the mouse off and insert the battery.
    2. Insert the wireless receiver into a USB port on the computer.
    3. Place the mouse close to the wireless receiver.
    4. Press all buttons on the mouse (left+middle+right) while you toggle the mouse on.
    5. Release the buttons after 1 second to complete the process.
    6. Repeat steps 1-5 if your mouse did not pair.

    Pair the wireless keyboard:

    1. Insert the wireless receiver into a USB port on the computer.
    2. Press and hold the F2 + F3 + F4 keys while you insert the battery. The keyboard will enter test mode with the red LED on.
    3. Release the F2 + F3 + F4 keys. The red LED will turn off.
    4. Place the keyboard close to the wireless receiver.
    5. Press the number 3 key on the keyboard to pair it to your computer.
    6. Press the Windows (Image icon_Windows8_keypng) key to test the keyboard.
    7. Repeat steps 1-6 if your keyboard did not pair.
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  • billseybillsey Posts: 6,722ACE Pathfinder
    Pretty much any USB keyboard and mouse works. If you are worried about running out of USB ports, just use a USB hub to provide the extras.
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