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PCI Express 3.0 x2 instead of x16 - Acer Nitro N50-100

JekodarkJekodark Posts: 3Member New User
Hello all,

Config Acer Nitro N50-100:
Ryzen 5 1400
GTX 1060 6gb
16gb ram

After having poor performance on all games (e.g. PUBG on very low 50-70 fps), i tried Passmark and i discovered that, compared to others gtx 1060, mine has poor performance on tests of directx 9,10 and 12 (not 11). Watching GPU-Z (during gpu load) i see the PCI Express used is 3.0 x2 instead of 3.0 x16 (i opened the case and on motherboard it's printed "pci express 3 x16"). Could this be the issue? Could it be a fault motherboard?

CPU and RAM benchmarks shows good results.

In BIOS settings there isn't much that can be changed (no options about GPU or PCIe). I tried the GTX 1060 in another computer (i5 6500) and it is seen as pcie x16 and it's working really really better.

Please can you try to help me on the issue?

P.S. i tried reformat, installing all latest drivers, but i didn't solve. I also checked temperatures and they are okay. In Nvidia Panel in info it's saying BUS PCI Express x2 Gen3.


  • DwertlePLayzDwertlePLayz Posts: 25Member Troubleshooter
    Looks like a bios or motherboard issue. Did you check your bios to see what it was set to?
  • JekodarkJekodark Posts: 3Member New User
    I checked every setting on bios and there's nothing about PCI or BUS. I even put the bios settings to default but it didn't change the fact.
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