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Consistent usage of half of RAM (Acer nitro 5 AN515-52)


I've just bought an Acer Nitro 5 AN515-52 (i5-5800H, RAM 8 GB, GTX1050 4 GB, HDD 1 TB). Evertything is great so far except for the RAM usage. When I close all the programs RAM usage is about 3 GB when compared to my desktop or my old laptop are only 1-2 GB or less (which also runs Windows 10). I'm not sure if it is normal or there's some problem with my nitro 5.

This one I only open Chrome, powerpoint and pdf file. It goes up to 5 GB. When I try to combine all the program RAM usage I don't think it exceeds 2 GB.

Thank you in advance. 

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  • andylbandylb Posts: 3,179ACE Pathfinder
    Type Startup in search bar then do to Startup apps. Disable all non essential startup apps and reboot, launch task manager and see if RAM usage looks more like normal. Then go back to launch Startup apps and enable one app that you disabled, reboot and check again, continue to do this until you find the app that's hogging your RAM

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  • Jade_nipatJade_nipat Posts: 2Member New User
    Thank you for your reply.
    I did it and it can reduce the RAM usage a little.
    I've just found out that Windows 10 try to cache the frequently used data and reserve it while the laptop is working or even idly working. However; if the system needs a lot of RAM it will free up these cached data for the system to use. I'm not sure if I understand correctly though. Thanks
  • andylbandylb Posts: 3,179ACE Pathfinder
    Just buy more RAM, if you do the amount available will dramatically increase because the amount reserved will not change. I personally always have 16gb minimum. Below is a link to Crucial with guaranteed matching RAM for your model, write down the part number and buy it from Amazon, it's cheaper and faster delivery. Please click YES if I have helped solve your problem

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