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Charging Cable, Heat, and Battery Question

ApexAlexRApexAlexR Posts: 1Member Newbie
Hi this is my first high performance gaming laptop so here's a couple questions. PH315-52

Charging Cable
  1. Is it actually okay that the charging cable is right next to one of the vents?
  1. I was worried about my laptop having thermal problems, so I ran PRIME95 for 6 hours straight and it stayed a constant 75C all 6 hours. I thought I was in the clear, today I was playing Borderlands, and I saw my cpu reach 90 degrees on Auto fan settings ... so is my cooling okay or not? The fans kicked on at 94 and blew it back down to 84, but is this normal?
Battery Question
  1. I installed an extra NVME drive with the computer shutdown but the battery plugged in. There were no sparks or otherwise noticeable reasons it would short circuit. However, my computer would not turn on even after I held the power for 15 seconds to "reset" the battery. I finally fixed it by opening it again, carefully unplugging the battery and plugging it back in. The next time I turned it on the keyboard flashed multiple times before the predator logo showed up. It is normal now, and no longer does that. Can someone explain what happened here and how to avoid this heart-attack in the future?

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