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Doubts about updating BIOS on Acer B117MP Travelmate notebook


I have some doubts about upgrading BIOS on my Acer B117MP Travelmate series notebook. The BIOS file is a zip file that unzips to ZHX_124.exe. This in turn appears to be again compressed and contains several Windows files like DLLs, EXEs, INF, CAT files etc.

To update BIOS do I just run this single ZHX_124.exe file as Windows executable? The zip file is available from here.

Do I need an active Internet connection to update BIOS or is this offline procedure?

Apparently I did not see any BIOS file as such anywhere in the archive. By BIOS file I mean a binary file that will be actually flashed on to the ROM.

I have done BIOS updates earlier (older models) but a few years ago when the procedure was more of pointing to a binary file on a connected USB pendrive from within the BIOS setup. I am not too sure how this EXE thing works hence my queries. 

Please help. Thanks in advance.

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