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X35 fan settings?

IndexOverflowIndexOverflow Posts: 4Member New User
Just received my X35 and so far pretty happy with it - the picture is great and fortunately none of the dreaded flickering. My biggest gripe is the fan control (or lack thereof), the monitor is dead
silent until it suddenly decides that the fans need to spool up to 100% for no apparent reason (it can happen after the monitor is on for 10 minutes or 100 minutes). Once the fan cycle starts going it doesn't really stop, but rather goes from 0% to 100% in an infinite loop. I wouldn't mind if the fans were on all the time, it's the constant shift in fan speed which drives me nuts.

So, can any Acer employee comment on whether this is either a) working as designed. Or b), a known issue which can / will be fixed with a firmware update?

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  • vortex1vortex1 Posts: 1Member New User
    edited September 2019
    This is the one reason why I am holding off on buying this monitor THE FANS ramping up and down all the time for no reason would drive me nuts as well .....
  • IndexOverflowIndexOverflow Posts: 4Member New User
    Bump. Would really love an answer to this. I'm very happy with the X35 overall, but the fan noise is definitely a drawback.
  • TweetiePieTweetiePie Posts: 28Member Troubleshooter

    Funny no fan noise on my monitor what are you doing to hear the fan noise is it only happening while in HDR Gaming or desktop in desktop my monitor is silent totally silent.

  • IndexOverflowIndexOverflow Posts: 4Member New User
    Not related to anything I'm doing, but it is related to how long the monitor has been operating (which makes sense). If it was only while gaming (so linked to high refresh rate / HDR) I could probably manage. However I'm also doing a fair bit of work with the monitor so it's now actually back in its box waiting to be returned tomorrow.

    Here's a great demonstration of how bad it is:

  • MerliniosMerlinios Posts: 2Member New User
    Any fix on x35 fan noise ???
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