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Acer Swift 5 SF514-52T Battery Problems

I bought a Swift 5 2018 Version recently, but the battery drains Extremely quickly, example 4% in 5mins or so, it was very expensive and new.... and I see this problem please help fix this.

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  • MaClaneMaClane Posts: 17,767ACE Trailblazer
    Good Morning KishanMurthy !

    What EXACT model of your laptop?

    There is no "average" value for duration.
    Numerous factors will interfere with the duration which mainly depends on how the user is using the machine.

    First, understand better about the architecture of a notebook.
    Notebook components (especially processor and video) only achieve maximum performance when plugged into a power outlet.

    This time may vary due to a number of factors: air-conditioned packaging with cooler or cooler temperatures, the sum of the applications you have on your machine running, background services, and more.

    See the following scheme:
    OS Configuration + Applications + Services = Requirements
    Requests consume resources.
    Resources are all types of physical memories (hard drives and storage devices), volatiles (RAM and video), processors (CPU and GPU), and connections (Wireless, USB, etc.) available on your system.
    The more requests, the more resources are spent and consequently the energy consumption increases.
    As such, there are several configuration factors that may be undermining your battery power.

    The 2 biggest power consumers in a notebook are the display and the wireless system.
    This Wireless System understands any and all requests made by your equipment to the connection point (router, modem or access point).
    These include beacons, direct access (such as accessing a web page, online videos or an online game) and indirect access (such as setam's google update services, among others).

    Ideally, always use the appliance plugged in and the power options set to "High Performance".
    Using only on battery power, the system architecture does not allow maximum machine performance to be achieved.

    To improve this duration, you can follow some tips by performing certain processes:

    Set the notebook to power options for economy mode when using battery only;
    Select the option to decrease monitor brightness when on battery power;
    Use the appliance in a ventilated place so that the product does not overheat;
    Perform initial cell calibration as stated in the product manual.

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  • KishanMurthyKishanMurthy Posts: 1Member New User
    Acer Swift 5 SF514-52 Model Number- N17W3

    I have just been using MS Word and nothing else.
    Since it's a new laptop, I haven't done much on it and I'm scared to install softwares.
    Only once I charged the laptop for 100% and it keeps decreasing dramatically.
    Sometimes, it shows 8 hours battery life for 95% and sometimes 3 hours or 2 hours for 94%, it just keeps varying.
    So, what else should I do? Do I need to avail the warranty?

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