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Aspire E5-575G-77FW Video Drivers - Please update! Or we won't get any Windows Update

LaSimoLaSimo Posts: 19Member Troubleshooter
My laptop is still stuck on Windows Build 1803, and this is unacceptable.
Not even build 1809. Why?
Please have a look at the video drivers of this laptop. We still have, for the Intel gpu, driver v. that Acer hasn't updated since 18th April 2018!
This prevents Windows update, - not just 1903, but also the previous major one - because the drivers are too old. And the "manual update" via Intel site is not possible, since the Intel drivers on this laptop are proprietary, and we are supposed to wait till Acer will update them.
Honestly, this is just odd. I have an i7 machine that can't update Windows for this silly reason.

Please if there is any moderator here who is in touch with the development team, tell them that there are a lot of people who have this laptop, which I guess it shouldn't be considered an obsolete one, and would like to have updated drivers. 
Users follow-up after selling a device should be considered a priority by every intelligent manufacturer.

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  • Hi,
    Please use this tutorial to update to latest version of Windows:https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/81031-update-latest-version-windows-10-using-update-assistant.html
    Please click "Yes" for "Did this answer the question", if I resolve the problem.
  • ednsbednsb Posts: 1Member New User
    I have same problem..and i used that assistant...it fails because intel driver for RST is out of date. I cant find anywhere on acer site how to update it or whether it can use the updates on the intel page.. very frustrated
  • LaSimoLaSimo Posts: 19Member Troubleshooter
    @ednsb You can update every non-proprietary drivers by using the official downloads of the manufacturers. Intel has an own app which scans your system and offers you the available drivers updates. They clearly say "sorry, we can't update this driver" whenever the driver has been modified by the laptop producers. Just give it a try at the Intel site. But this doesn't solve anything. It's totally insane to have an i7 processor on a 2 years old laptop and having no possibility to update the software - and his means much more (vulnerabilities not fixed, end of software support...). Many older machines updated without any problem. *****. *****. *****. I'm so angry.
  • LaSimoLaSimo Posts: 19Member Troubleshooter
    @brummyfan2 Microsoft suggests to avoid manual updates of your device since flaws won't be fixed. But flaws mainly depend on the hardware of the user. When a laptop manufacturer tweaks original drivers, the process becomes more complicated, because there are so many different machines all over the world, that it's virtually impossible for Microsoft to go through the process of adapting an OS to all possible personalized configurations.

    Last year there was a bug in Intel drivers that caused an app that I (and millions of users in the world) use daily, to work badly. I wrote on Intel forum about this, and through a nice feedback process the bug was fixed. They were very very helpful. We kept testing together the beta versions of the drivers. Result: bug fixed by Intel side, Acer took months to release an updated gpu driver for the Intel bit. Since then, the Intel drivers have never been updated by Acer on this laptop model. I solved my temporary issue, but if you have a look at the Acer Download page there are so many outdated drivers!!!!

    Is this a correct behaviour towards customers? I've bought a much cheaper Lenovo laptop for my son, and it's running smoothly, and updates regularly. And I, with a 2 years old machine, am stuck on Windows build 1803. wtf (excuse me my rudeness, but this is upsetting me a bit). I don't know how to contact the development Team of Acer about this thing. I just hope that someone pops up on here and reads my complaints. I chatted yesterday with the Italian support (yes, I'm Italian) and it was totally useless. The poor guy kept writing typical canned responses, but had no idea about the whole thing. If this is programmed obsolescence of devices, well, it's a bad marketing choice for Acer. Because I won't buy another Acer laptop anymore, despite I always had Acer ones. And this is sad.
    At least they should have the courage to say if this model will ever be ready for OS updates or not, so users can take their actions. Because not all of us just play on a laptop, or randomly chat, or use the Web. There are also people who work with it, in environments where security is a priority. And an updated OS is the main thing that guarantees the "little" security we can hopefully have. Sorry for being so long winded.
    Many users just don't realize this, and don't write on forums, ask or complain. But I'm sure that this device was sold a lot throughout the world :(

  • LaSimoLaSimo Posts: 19Member Troubleshooter
    edited August 2019
    @1laptopuser I've read the article. I think that it's not applicable, since it's *Windows* that doesn't find the correct combination hardware/drivers to push the update.
    For example, Windows build 1809 (please note, 1809, not 1903!!!) couldn't be uploaded for Intel video drivers older than, because of some issues. See our Intel drivers. The current one are
    Same for (Intel) audio drivers. Microsoft said that they wouldn't push the 1809 release to those having audio drivers with versions between and
    See the current drivers that we have. it's the
    The problem is related with intel audio/video drivers that are supplied in a single batch. My system is updated, both the bios and the drivers, with the latest available for it. And Windows built no. 1809 has been rolled out 6 months after I've bought this computer. It's incredible. I'm still stuck at the paleolithic age.
    Imho there's no need to force the system to do unnecessary things, when the drivers situation doesn't change, because we are forced to use Acer (obsolete) drivers. It's a shame.
    Just another note: Current Intel drivers for audio/video for 7th gen are version 26.20100.7000 - our are (april 2018)
  • LaSimoLaSimo Posts: 19Member Troubleshooter
    edited August 2019
    @Acer-Karp I'm sorry to bother you, but I see you online, and you seem to be a member of the Team.
    I hope you'll listen to my request. Please consider seriously this thing of upgrading the Intel drivers and allow us to make our devices work fine.
    Our devices are not old! And I'm sure that many many users just have no idea about what's the current config of their system, and this is why they don't write here. I'm part of a big community, too, and support users helping them in troubleshooting issues, working closely with the development team. It's so important for users to have a correct feedback... Please read this thread and my comments, and if you aren't in the development team, but just in the Community support team, please find a way to make the devs know about this issue. I'm sure that the fix can be done, and new intel audio/video for our laptops can be released. Would you like to have a less than 2 years old laptop with a 7gen processor that cannot update the OS?
    Hope to get an answer from you, or someone else of the devs, or someone informed. Just to make me understand the situation. And make me decide what to do with this laptop. I hope you Team publish soon a fix that allows us to update windows to build 1808, and then to 1903.
    (and not just Intel drivers are old, the NVIDIA 940MX are even older!)
    Thanks a lot.

  • 1laptopuser1laptopuser Posts: 57Member Enthusiast
    edited August 2019
    @LaSimo its not an update its a fresh install of windows 10, clean the whole harddrive and install windows 10, and the latest drivers will be installed, dont think there will be any complications, havent done it yet but will probably do it in the near future because i also have an acer aspire 575g and are pretty pist of that acer dont update the drivers. also stucked with 1803 =/

    note: you will need to buy a new license key to make a clean install with windows 10 media creation tool, because i dont know if you can use the embeeded license key that implanted in BIOS

  • LaSimoLaSimo Posts: 19Member Troubleshooter
    edited August 2019
    @1laptopuser It won't change a thing. Latest drivers available for our laptop are those currently in use. Until Acer doesn't release some updated ones, we are stuck with them, unless tweaking the computer heavily, overriding manufacturer proprietary software. But this would mean also tweaking Windows, and forcing it to avoid automatic update of all peripherals and devices. It's something that I wouldn't suggest to a non-experienced user, and I'm not doing it myself, too, for many reasons.

    If you keep your system updated, both the bios and the drivers, there is no need for a clean install. Unfortunately the old drivers affect the overall performance of it, but we can't do much to change this by our side. I mean, it's not a bug :)
  • 1laptopuser1laptopuser Posts: 57Member Enthusiast
    edited August 2019
    A clean install with windows 10 media creation tool will not harm your computer, i have asked this question before in this forum because i thought it would affect the BIOS.

    and a clean install with windows 10 media creation tool will install the latest intel drivers that supports for windows 10 1903

    read this article: https://support.microsoft.com/sv-se/help/4514156/updating-to-windows-10-version-1903-on-devices-with-certain-versions-o
  • 1laptopuser1laptopuser Posts: 57Member Enthusiast
    edited August 2019
    I dont think Acer had provide that article if it would damage the computer :)
  • LaSimoLaSimo Posts: 19Member Troubleshooter
    I'm sorry that, being not English mother tongue, what I write can be misunderstood.
    I've never talked about damaging the computer.
    And don't worry! no software modifies the BIOS of a computer :) unless the BIOS software itself.
    The BIOS is independent from the OS - it's just a wee box containing info & else about which pieces of silicon are plugged on the mobo.

    If I suggest a solution for a particular issue to one of my users, the solution is provided for *that* issue, not for a different one :) and I expect that my users use my solution for that issue, not randomly on other issues :)
    So, if you are convinced that the clean install is a solution, please do (remember to backup your data, before) and report here the results. (I'm wondering why you haven't done that before, tho)

    About the RST drivers, these are not proprietary (that is, customized by Acer) on our system. This means that you can update those drivers easily using the utility provided on the Intel site.
    Microsoft says
    Versions or later are compatible, and a device that has these drivers installed can install the Windows 10 May 2019 Update. For affected devices, the recommended version is

    My current version of RST is And that should be yours, if you have updated it. RST drivers are not an issue for our laptops.
  • 1laptopuser1laptopuser Posts: 57Member Enthusiast
    edited August 2019
    Acer wont update our driver to later versions. our laptops is out of date, talked with the support for a couple of weeks ago. we are stucked with version 1803 but its good enough for some months to come it will have security updates until november i think. thats why i mention the proposal to do a clean install.
  • 1laptopuser1laptopuser Posts: 57Member Enthusiast
    edited August 2019
    but you can always test to update the driver by device manager or intel driver and support site, but it's nothing i recommend
  • 1laptopuser1laptopuser Posts: 57Member Enthusiast
    edited August 2019
    or else we will hope that MAYBE Acers employers will take into consideration that the intel graphic driver stop our windows 10 from updates and release a new update at the acer product support site.
  • butthurt_86butthurt_86 Posts: 5Member New User
    edited August 2019

    Use can you Aspire 576G graphics driver

    works on my Aspire 575G
    windows 10 1903
    i5 7th core 72000
    Geforce 940mx
  • Deejay_techDeejay_tech Posts: 356Member Seasoned Practitioner
    guys who are facing this problem of cannot update to latest intel gfx driver due to acer oem driver do as follows. it worked for me on my predator helios 300. no need to reinstall or clean install windows.

    use the DDU program to remove the existing acer intel driver. dont reboot.
    in device manager it should be now showing as plain microsoft display adapter.
    now install the latest intel gfx driver from intel website or using the intel driver & support assistance app. 
    it will work now.

    My personal Acer m/c's
    1) Gaming: Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-51
    Config:Core i5 8300H, 16GB, 250GB SSD, 1TB HDD, 1050ti GPU

    2) Daily Use: Acer Aspire A315-53  59GR
    Config: Core i5 8250u, 8GB, 256 SSD, 1TB HDD, IPS FHD 

    3) Linux Learning: Acer Aspire A315-53 P4MY
    Config: Pentium Gold 4417U, 8 GB, 256 SSD, 500GB HDD.
  • butthurt_86butthurt_86 Posts: 5Member New User

    just update to 1903.. totaly fine no bricks or bsod. 

  • 1laptopuser1laptopuser Posts: 57Member Enthusiast
    edited August 2019

    have you notice any complications yet with 576Gs intel graphic driver?

    the only difference between the graphic cards are that Acer Aspire 576G use Intel UHD Graphic card and Acer aspire 575G use Intel HD Graphic card.
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