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ES1-132-C5UF RAM,SSD upgrade, OS Change

I bought an Acer ES1-132-C5U 11 inch laptop with 500 Gb hdd and Win 10 OS with 2 gb RAM. The laptop is painfully slow and I would like to do the following upgrades to improve its performance. 
RAM to 8 GB . Already procured
SSD. Have zero knowledge about SSD, would like to upgrade to 120/240 SSDs hoping it will improve Speed
OS to Windows 7 from Win 10.
Kindly help me with my doubts.
Are all SSDs compatible? What should I be looking for when I go for an SSD? It doesn't have a DVD drive .
Is it possible to install WIn 7 in this device ? It is really slow with Win 10 and takes a lot to load.

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  • JackEJackE Posts: 18,936ACE Trailblazer
    First, the good news. You can probably speed things up as is by uninstalling, not just disabling, any non-Microsoft antimalware. Really not needed with Windows Defender and the Malicious Software Removal tool. The 8GB module and perhaps swapping the 2.5" HDD for a 2.5" SSD should certainly help.

    Now for the bad news. Win7 is probably not practical or easily done since this is a UEFI-only bootstrapped laptop without a legacy BIOS overlay which Win7 needs. Even if Win7 could be installed, many of the newest peripheral devices might not function properly or not function at all since no Win7 drivers would be available. Furthermore, this system has either an embedded 32GB or 64GB solid state drive (emmc) upon which the Win10 system probably boots from. So merely changing 2.5" HDD to an 2.5" SSD might not have as much speed increase as one could hope for.

    There are other options to enhance the speed of this machine but would involve dual booting with a modern Linux distribution, many of which can be configured to have nearly the same look, feel and function of Win7.

    Jack E/NJ 
  • TmzdroidTmzdroid Posts: 88Member Fixer
    Adding more ram should help also you will need a 7mm low profile ssd. I did mine (an ES1-132 C974) putting an 8gb stick of memory and a 128gb Samsung 850evo ssd in it and the performance is pretty good. The main issue I had was the lack of storage having only 32gb of EMMC originally which was not enough for windows.

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