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Windows 10 update 1903

KennethVKennethV Member Posts: 2 Newbie
Should i update my laptop to version 1903? Im scared if some programs/apps will not work or some issue will occur.

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  • AlpineAlpine Member Posts: 9


    I automatically updated my Aspire E15 to 1903 no issues whatsoever
    I wish to remain windows 10 and Intel compatible at all times with the latest updates
    Unfortunately this is not possible for the Intel Graphics driver that is a full year ahead of the published ACER Graphics driver
  • fahmadfahmad Member Posts: 17


    I updated to Windows 1903 but it is now facing charging issue.

    My laptop ( Acer Aspire E5-573G) [Serial Number- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] almost 3 years old, is currently facing charging issues whenever it is started and the charging problem persists till it is turned off. 
    The charging issue is that whenever it is turned on the charging fluctuates rapidly. It keeps charging and drops charging every second in a tight frequency. But the problem perists only while in the working condition of the laptop. As soon as it is turned off or put to sleep it begins charging normally. This problem started after updating my PC to WIndows feature update 1903.

    P.S. On 12 July i have updated my system to the Windows Feature Update 1903 Version. Before updating there was no any charging issue with the device.

    Please suggest remedies if any!
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