I have Nitro 42, and it was running smoothly, until recently I get allot of lag in GTA V. Need help

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My laptop is not even a month old, and its beginning to lag when I play GTA on default settings.

I have everything on Max performance and the highest my pc has gotten is 66 degrees C, which I dont think is hot.

But I always sleep, and unsleep my computer, and rarely shut it off. Could that be the reason?

I use this computer to surf the web allot, and that made my last computer slow.

Also could Norton make games lag?

I recently installed Radeon Adrenaline, but my computer has been lagging before that. Any suggestions?


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    Norton could very well be slowing you down I think Norton is the worst Antivirus for hogging computer resources, I just use Windows defender and never get viruses or malware. Make sure that you are gaming using the RX 560x in Switchable Graphics in the Adrenalin Control panel, each game should have an individual profile in Switchable Graphics and High Performance selected. It is a good idea to turn off your Notebook when you go to bed, reboots are always good, when it sleeps it doesn't get the benefit of a reboot

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