Aspire TC-705 Motherboard size and case

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Hey again.

Does anyone know what's size of motherboard in Aspire TC-705?
I only know that it's a "ms-7869 ver 1.0 motherboard" but I can't find any words about the size. The thing is I want to change my MoBo (also SSD but it doesn't matter) for some reason.
And I'm thinking about if my current Mobo has the same sizes as other common Micro-ATX MoBos and would my case fit any other Micro-ATX MoBo or not?
I found a MoBo "MSI H81M-E34" with size 22.6 x 17.3 cm, so would it fit in my case?

If it's matter, my current setup in my TC-705:
PSU: Chieftec GPS-600A8 600W 
GPU: INNO3D PCI-Ex GeForce GTX 1050 TI Compact 4GB
CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2GHz 
RAM: Idk model exactly but it's 8GB DDR3

Here's some photo how does my case and mobo looks like: