Hello Acer members

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  • TheSpasticTechy
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    Hello Acer members,

    As it customary, I'm new going by the alias name, Spastic Techy. (lol). A little about myself. An individual who's as an power end-user and a bit of broad knowledge across the vastness of the IT world, am a person who still at my age enjoys learning new ideas and ways to operate, troubleshoot, and repair PCs/laptops as a hobby Currently, am a returning volunteer member in a computer recycling repair shop, where learning new things is part of the job. 

    I own  a Acer Aspire 7
    OS: Was Windows 10 Home (preinstalled). Now running Windows 10 Education x64

    Warm regards,
    Spastic Techy
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    Hello Spachtic for your sharing your views. It helpful.