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Is there anyway you can give me a different non ***** graphics card? yes i bought this pc but i got it through RT Edwards and i use to have a GTX960 i thought a 1060 would be an upgrade but how wrong was i this GPU freezes when trying to play my games. It mainly freezes playing wildlands does anyone know a fix for this?

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    The battery must be near 100% charged, the charger plugged in and Control Panel power plan set to performance mode BEFORE you start heavy gaming loads. Jack E/NJ
    Jack E/NJ
  • OxmateOxmate Member Posts: 2 New User
    what battery? i am using a desktop 
  • JackEJackE ACE Posts: 40,841 Trailblazer
    You posted on a laptop group but that's OK. What is your desktop model? Jack E/NJ
    Jack E/NJ
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    The 1060 is a vastly superior GPU than the 960i
    I would start with your settings, I don't have your card or your game but I googled "Wildlands Graphics card settings for Nvidia 1060" and came up with a ton of hits, respectfully I suggest you do the same thing but here's one just to start you off
    you will see on the above you tube that it plays extremely well so the problem is not the 1060 but probably your settings or a hardware/software conflict with your new card

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