Still cannot fix for Acer E15 blue screen of death! HELP!

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I tried to look for solutions from existing questions but I was not able to fix my computer issue. I have an Acer E15-571P-59QA that displays the BSOD saying Preparing for Automatic Repair then it goes to black screen.  I tried Alt-F10 numerous times and didn't work. F8 didn't work either.  However, F2 did take me to BIOS but I don't know what to do next. Where do I go?  I believe the laptop has Windows 8. I want fix the BSOD issue AND keep my files if possible. I don't have USB or a rebootable disk.  PLEASE HELP!  I haven't given up on this laptop yet!


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    Please don't post multiple threads on the same issue. Stay on the other thread. Thanks. Jack E/NJ

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