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Predator Helios 300 Issues When Not Using a Second Monitor

naashchaanaashchaa Posts: 1Member New User
Hi all! I have a very weird issue: whenever I use a second monitor (I have a setup that makes the laptop like a stationary PC) the laptop runs just fine, but after I disconnect it my GTX 1060 stops being used by apps and after startup it would freeze for ~1 second every 2 seconds. I have no idea why it works fine with an external monitor and doesn't with it's default one, but here's a list of things I already tried:

Disabling integrated graphics in Device Manager,
Selecting "High-performance NVIDIA Processor" both as default and for a certain app

Also, whenever I disconnect the monitor many of NVIDIA Control Panel options are missing, most notably anything but the "3D Settings" tab.

FAQ & Answers

  • xapimxapim Posts: 1,926Member Community Aficionado
    edited May 16
    @naashchaa you cannot disable the intel gpu as the OS only works with the intel and when you connect an external monitor through hdmi port you are using the gtx only as the hdmi its dedicated to the gtx and its completely normal that most of the options on nvcp are gone after you disconnect the external monitor because the mobile gpus only have more options when connected externally to the dedicated port  this said the only options you have are the 3d settings nothing else when using the laptop display so again you dont have any issue as everything is completely normal you are creating your issue by trying to disable the intel which you cant and then it will freeze until you restart because you have disabled it when connected to the hdmi

    PS: Again do not disable the intel gpu you will have serious issues (all changes done to the gtx priority while connected to the external monitor affecting the intel gpu will revert to normal when you unplug it so any apps that should be running on the intel by default will try to look for it if you had disabled it it will freeze/crash)  the intel its the main dedicated OS gpu the gtx its only the secondary if you do not know what you are doing just dont do it at all and if in any way you might thing that this setup shouldnt work this way (this is the same in all gaming laptops) my opinion is that you would be better with a desktop instead of a gaming laptop


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