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Have a problem with my key board

LockheedLockheed Posts: 2Member New User
Key board on my Acer laptop totally frozen apart from f keys 1,2 and 4. Pad works fine so no problem using cursor , touch click and right click.So having to bring up my on-screen touch key board to type.,f4 key brings up whole screen page, f2, brings up small window to the top right of screen and the f1 cancels the f2 window....Any ideas. Have done all the usual restarting and other basic things plus taking the battery out and so on...

FAQ & Answers

  • Du_littleDu_little Posts: 105Member Skilled Fixer
    Hi @Lockheed,
    Try doing a power drain on the unit, by turning the laptop upside down there will  be a pin hole with battery symbol. insert a paper clip and press and hold for about 30 secs. If still the keyboard is not working, try uninstalling and re-installing keyboard drivers. follow the steps below:
    1. Right click Start.
    2. Select Device Manager.
    3. Expand Keyboards category.
    4. Right click the keyboard you want to repair.
    5. Select Uninstall.
    6. Click Start.
    7. Select Restart on the power button icon.
    8. Let the computer restart after which Windows will reinstall the keyboard driver.
    Hit Accept if its useful :) 

  • LockheedLockheed Posts: 2Member New User
    Thanks. No pin hole, but did remove battery and uninstalled and then reinstalled keyboards, there where two to choose from which had the same driver versions.Carried out this procedure a couple of times, changing the order of battery removal and keyboard uninstall and reinstall..Did try out this remedy option a week ago . So no luck with this procedure..Any other suggestions will be welcome...Pete
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