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Acer has been nothing but irresponsible and unresponsive to my support requests.  My son and daughter saved and chipped in to buy me an Acer laptop which didn't boot up.  I called Acer. Sent the laptop to them under an RMA.  They sent it back saying there is nothing wrong.  My daughter being an attorney is bringing the full assets of her firm in a case against Acer.  
This posting will appear in as many forums, sites, etc. as I can find in the hopes of protecting other potential Acer customers.

Almost forgot to mention.  Acer support said I had to pay to ship the laptop to them.  
This has been going on for almost a year.

So now I have this fancy looking totally useless laptop.  
Due to the wide screen size, will be taping paper targets to it for target shooting in my back yard.


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    Hello hleeid,


    I'm sorry that you're having issues. Can you please reply to my PM, so I can look into this for you?