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I have purchased an ACER H277HU monitor to use it with a Mac Book Pro. Up to the Mac Book Pro version of 2017, everything was fine, but with the upgrade of the USB-C communication ports on the MacBook 2018, the connection was no longer supported.
Reading on the forums I verified that a FW update of the monitor would have been enough but that it could have been done only by ACER technicians.
The negative judgment is not so much on the product that is very good but on Italian technical customer service; I have called in ACER and the operator 80019J replied to me, giving me approximate indications not confirmed by the data sheets (claiming that the monitor is NOT compatible with APPLE systems) and that absolutely no FW updates exist for the monitors. All with extreme rudeness and without providing the slightest support in solving a problem that exists.
He didn't take charge of the problem by inquiring about a possible alternative solution but only consulting the site by entering the serial number (which I also knew how to do alone ...).
After the terrible experience I continued researching the forums, I found the FW and the update procedure (provided by the French ACER service), I updated the FW of the monitor and now everything works perfectly.
Very bad experience with Italian ACER customer service.


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    Workaround for H277HU monitor on my 2017 MacBook was to use a usb a (from monitor) to usb c (to usb c hub) cable along with hdmi cable both hooked up to usb c hub. Not as advertised but worked.

    Also discovered that while hdmi was plugged in to usb c and I disconnected the usb a to c cable from the hub, the monitor reconnects itself and works with just the hdmi. Its been working ok even if I unplug the hub

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