So you want to be a In-Game Leader

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Whether it be a battle royal game like Fortnite and PUBG or a more traditional team-based FPS like CS:GO or Overwatch, every team needs a qualified shotcaller if they hope to stay competitive. Click on our latest Training Room video below and check out Team Envy's Nifty as he breaks down five strategies to become a better IGL. 

Are you an IGL? Do you have any additional tips? Sound off in the comments.


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    Hopefully this'll help improving my shot-calling in Overwatch when it feels like I'm trying to herd a bunch of cats.
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    This is very cool content.
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    @travisthechamp & @josel Thanks for the comment and feedback! Always looking to improve and deliver relevant Training Room content. Be sure to sound off if there's any specific topic or tips you want us to address.