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I thought someone should hear this story. I was going to call Acer, but it was lunch hour, and I still might. I'm typing this on a half wrecked Bluetooth keyboard, connected to my half wrecked Acer Spin-7! I got back to my place here in the boonies of Northeast Washington State, from a trip to Arizona, having to relay my luggage to my place via tractor, which I left out at the gate, still chained up after the massive snows of February. I put my night bag containing my computer in the front bucket of the tractor, and headed home, and thinking I'd just run over a big clod of mud that had fallen off the tractor, I looked back to see my night bag was thrown out of the tractor from the violent shaking the tractor does when on solid ground instead of soft snow. *****! I'd run over my computer! I got off and looked, or just glanced, because I didn't want to believe I'd done this, and it didn't look too bad, at first! Getting home, I looked at the damage, it was bent for sure, and when I opened it, I saw the spider web pattern of the screen and worse for the scroll pad. I brought it in and turned it on. It still came to life, and you could see where the huge tire chain links had done their thing, so I connected it to my TV, like I always do here, and to my surprise, it functions properly! This should be a commercial for the durability of Acer products. I just ordered a new one, the third one for me, and two others I purchased for a couple of people in need, knowing this one is probably going to die, but I'll use it as long as it works!


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    %100 trust
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    Hi @Chuck57,

    Thank you for taking the time to write your experience with one of our products.  I’m sorry to hear that your Spin 7 had a very unfortunate encounter with the ground and the tires of your tractor.  Would you happen to have any pictures of the culprit and the state of the Spin 7?  I’m sure our visitors will appreciate some context in this underdog story (even if our underdog didn’t fare as well)!

    Thank you very much for choosing Acer.