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Predator's monitor menu pop out randomly

limuen123limuen123 Posts: 2Member New User
Hi guys i have a problem that confusing me already like 2 months, menu pop out by itself sometimes and sometimes it pop main menu out sometimes it pop brightness setting out, when first had this issue i thought it's just touched or something but this continue happen few mouths, when menu pop out it will block the map when i play league of legends, it's really annoying, anyone can help me with this? thank you so much

FAQ & Answers

  • limuen123limuen123 Posts: 2Member New User
    and i'm using XB272
  • IshyIshy Posts: 53Member Devotee
    Hi, @limuen123 ;

    Please try the following methods and see if it help.
    First try the power reset on the monitor:
    1) Unplug the power cable for the monitor. 
    2) Press the power button and hold on to it for 30 seconds. While the power cable is unplugged.
    3) Then re-plug the power cable and test the device.

    Second Method: Reset the monitor.
    1) Go to the menu under the system or help option you should see a reset option.
    2) Choose reset and check if it fixes the issue.

    If both steps don't work then there might a hardware issue. 
    Please follow the website below, there is number for in warranty support which will allow you to contact them.  https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/service-contact

    If I was helpful please accept my answer, thanks.

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