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"CPU throttled at 91% by Windows" possibly overheating?

GerardShahGerardShah Posts: 2Member New User
Hello, i have bought today Acer Aspire A515-52-394A and i am very glad with the purchase. However, after performing userbenchmark tests several times, i always get the following warning:"

CPU throttled at 91% by Windows. Ensure maximum processor state is set to 100% via Settings > System > Power & sleep > Additional power settings > Change plan settings > Change advanced power settings > Processor power management > Maximum processor state.

I have noticed the CPU temperature going up to 93-94celsius for several seconds before normalizing to around 82-83c.
Here are my results

I have also tried OCCT and Prime95, the first 7-8 sec the temperature bursts to around 96-7c and then goes 82-3c. I have attached a screenshot of the HWmonitor data during the userbenchmark test. Could this initial temperature burst cause the CPU throttle at 91%? Do you think this is something to worry about, thank you very much!

hw.PNG 218.9K


  • GerardShahGerardShah Posts: 2Member New User
    Here is attached a screenshot of HWmonitor during the test, in the previous post is after the test
    duri.PNG 235.2K
  • PCgeek0PCgeek0 Posts: 15Member


    edited April 13
    Try replacing the thermal paste on your CPU and if it does not helps then you can also try under-clocking your CPU.
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