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Upgrades: w3530 to x5675: bios questions/ new builder / acer aspire g7710 board.

hmn_clshmn_cls Posts: 1Member Newbie
Hi, this is my first time dabbling on an x58/1366 platform.

A friend recently upgraded his set up from a w3530 to a Ryzen and gave me the old one; I am using it now as of the moment. I'am planning to do a litte bit of an upgrade as to change the CPU to an x5675 which can be bought for a bargain from a friend as well.
Problem is, I know that its running on 1366 and x58 platform but the board included that my friend has was under an Acer g7710- as suggested by Aida64 bench. Would the x5675 work with the same board as its running still on the same socket, or do I need to get a new x58 board? I haven't found any deals locally which is under a low cost and I'm under a tight budget as well.

 Also, I was able to read through the forums posts that updating the bios- for him was able to have a g7711 and upgrade the cpu to a x5649 which is under 32nm- the last I've known the g7710 has after checking only supports a 45nm chip. 

I don't plan to have any overclocking as well as I think the 3.06ghz the x5675 has is sufficient to what I do- I work at home and do just some light gaming from time to time.
Do I have a chance to have a little bit of an upgrade to 5675 if I choose to update my bios to R01.A4 as im currently running R01.A3. I've tried cehcking for changelofgs regarding the R01.A4 bios but haven't found anything. 

Please send help. 
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