VN7 592G charging-power problem

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I have a problem with my laptop VN7 592G Nitro Black Edition

My laptop has issue with DC power jack (when connected to power, very often when he was connected to power, he often disconnected and turned on the power (when I touched the plug).
I opened to check the socket pinout and the model's label to find new one in internet (because the DC socket is connected from the bottom of the motherboard, I unplugged the HD, the battery, and the all remaining plugs to remove the motherboard.

Before disassembling the laptop worked on the battery properly - it was charged up to 100% (only one issue was the DC socket and charging/not charging cycles.

After assembling everything together (I have thoroughly checked all the tapes, connections and plugs) my Acer only works on the power supply.
When I disconnect the DC plug, it turns off immediately.
Sometimes I see that when the power disconection is very short (ap. less than 1s) - he did not manage to turn off.

Without power, it does not start on the battery.

He sees the battery in the system (compatible with ACPI)
current charge 94% (does not charge when switched on)

I checked previous topics:
1. I tried to reset the battery - no effect
2. I checked the safety switch - the keyboard touches the switch - "click" is heard when I screw the keyboard board.
When I press the swith my finger - there is no effect - still not start on battery.

My attention, however, returns the battery reset button. His condition is like a photo. It does not move.

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  • This button was for moving yes! When you press to reset the battery, you feel light pressure when you push it! if it's pushed down, it's like resetting the battery!
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