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  • Phoenix1966Phoenix1966 Member Posts: 70 Devotee
    edited June 2019
    Just to add some info/confirmation, I have a G9-793 (purchased new at the end of 2016) and had that teal green issue right out of the gate. I am long since out of warranty to get it (possibly) addressed, but I just wanted to let you know that other models have had this issue, too
  • Anth_005Anth_005 Member Posts: 1 New User
    Hi Everyone

    Firstly, thankyou for everyone who has contributed to the discussion so far.  Secondly, I apologise for the lengthy message, but I’m hoping to shed some light on this issue. I discuss another issue that I’m currently having that may be linked to the colour issue. Both issues concern the keyboard backlight.

    If anyone can help me with my other issue, that would be very greatly appreciated.

    I purchased my Helios 500 in September 2018 and I have the exact same colour problem. 

    I actually noticed the colour issue today in researching another problem that I’m having with the keyboard (which is discussed shortly) and stumbled across this thread. My colour issue is exactly like the 2nd picture that HAL_9007 posted in the 1st message on 19 Feb.

    I can’t recall when the colour issue started, however I would have definitely noticed it when I first bought it, which leads me to believe that it’s a software issue due to either a window update or third-party update, i.e., acer drivers/software. 

    Being that I bought it in September 2018, the laptop was only recently released in Australia so maybe the initial versions of the drivers did not have the problem, but in updating either windows or the acer drivers/predator software, an issue may have resulted.

    Now for my original issue:
    The problem that I’m having is that when the laptop is woken from sleep mode (by pressing a button on the laptop keyboard), the LEDs and Macro keys do not light up. This is not all the time however, and estimate that this happens about 70% of the time. Interestingly, sometimes the keyboard LEDs won’t turn on, but the macros will, and sometimes neither.  This is until, I open PredatorSense, navigate to the “lighting” section of the software and select another lighting profile. Once I do that, all the lights on the keyboard will always light up per normal.  

    This problem does not occur when the computer boots from an off state, however I have not tested this many times.

    This started happening for me around Mid June 2019, around the same time my computer installed a windows update. This could be coincidence.

    If I had to take a guess, I’d say that the Predator software has a bug or is not working correctly with most recent/updated version of windows 10.

    If anyone can help me the ‘waking up issue’ I would be forever grateful.  

    Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide to assist you in helping me out.

    Many thanks 

  • NiteNinjaNiteNinja Member Posts: 49 Devotee
    I can replicate that on mine too, as my computer is usually closed as a desktop replacement configuration and I always use sleep mode. I never really thought anything of it, but it looks cooler with all the shiny lights lit up. Hitting the function key combination to cycle the backlights will light the macro keys again. 
  • GunYariGunYari Member Posts: 11


    edited December 2019
    My laptop is Helios 500 AMD PH517-61~
    My headphone jack's a little strange, it takes a little while after I plugged my headphones for my laptop to switch from speaker to headphone, I wonder if that's only me.
    I need to wait like 5-10 second (switch headphone) to play music.
    Wait for the speakers to switch to earphone every time. why? ? can play it right away? (Switch headphone)
    help me~~Please. Thanks
  • FirewalkerFirewalker Member Posts: 12


    Better to make a new post about this issue. Or search to see if a similar topic exists and post in there.
    This is one is about keyboard backlight issue and it's better to not mix stuff up, makes it easier for people to find relevant info and reply ;)
  • xapimxapim ACE Posts: 6,020 Pathfinder
    @GunYari please search the community for similar issues as yours im pretty sure you'll find something and lastly if not open another thread about it to not confuse everyone as mentioned above 


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    If my answer fixed you issue please accept it for any other users who search for it would find it quickly thanks :)
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