Why does Acer support SUCK so much?!

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I called 4 times and the automated system refuses to put me in touch with a HUMAN. I had a question about a product BEFORE I PURCHASED IT! Now when I tried to chat it is still demanding to enter a serial number! ACER IS DEAD TO ME NOW!!!!!!!!!! I WILL SPEND MY MONEY ELSE WHERE EVEN IF THAT MEANS I SPEND MORE MONEY ALL DUE TO ACER BEING RETARDS AND NOT BEING ABLE TO HAVE THE ABILITY TO THINK OF JUST TRANSFERRING CUSTOMER TO HUMANS!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NEVER GET ANOTHER ACER PRODUCT AGAIN NOR RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Lenovo gaming laptop here we come!!!!!!


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    Good night UnknownForces !

    Here is an open collaborative forum for Acer users and enthusiasts.
    If you need help, we're here for this.
    If you have any complaints, I suggest contacting the official channels, such as:


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    ha ha ha no serial number no chat no help that's what you get from acer, nothing.
  • tanka
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    Acer support SUKS

  • Puraw
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    edited December 2023

    Find a good PC shop in a major shopping mall big city or check Acer support in your country for Acer retailers/shops where you live and see try the device you are interested in. Google online what you are looking for, read reviews. Don't check online/phone on products before you haven't even bought it as support needs at least a serial number to look up the details. Counts not only for Acer but for any brand. 😉