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i Really need help with my school computer (Acer travelmate p449)

Ethan001Ethan001 Posts: 1Member New User
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My laptop is a Acer travelmate p449-M and when turned on the blue on light will come on then the keyboard light will turn on but that it, then it turns off and keeps repeating this. The screen doesn’t come on and I can’t even shut it down with the off button. I can’t get to bios and I have tried resetting the battery with a pin but it’s still stuck like this and has been repeating the same sequence for about and hour

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  • JackEJackE Posts: 13,989ACE Trailblazer
    Remove the charger. Remove 11 screws and the bottom cover after removing the HDD and RAM covers. Remove ribbon cable over the battery. Remove 2 screws holding the battery and its plug.  Unplug the BIOS coin cell and measure its voltage with a multimeter. It should be move than 3volts. Leave the BIOS coin cell unplugged for a few hours. Then plug it back in and button up the laptop and try it again. Jack E/NJ

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