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Why does my laptop turns off with no warning with a full battery? ACER E15

Fred_JFred_J Posts: 3Member New User
I bought my ACER E15 in may 2017 , added 4 gigs of ram right after and everything was fine, until 2 months ago (0ctober 2018) and now the computer shuts down abruptly when not plugged in. No error message when it restarts. It s running on Windows 10 Home OS Build 17134.3…
It does not do that when plugged but does it randomly when working on battery but the battery is still charged.

FAQ & Answers

  • kjc1117kjc1117 Posts: 1Member New User
    Mine is doing the exact same thing.  The battery is at 100% but if it is not plugged in, it turns off.  

  • ven98ven98 Posts: 4,045ACE Pathfinder
    Maybe a loose battery connector. Does it happen more frequently if you move the laptop around?

    Try resetting the battery:

    If that doesn't help go to device manager>batteries and uninstall microsoft compliant control method battery. Restart the system and windows will automatically download and install the driver.

    If nothing helps, contact Acer support or return the laptop back to the retailer if it is within the 28-day return policy.

    Always post the following characterisitcs of the device:
    -Model number
    -Part number(not required, but helpful)
    -Operating system

    Helios 300 and Nitro 5 users DO NOT update the BIOS to version 1.22 if you don't want the keyboard's backlight to turn off after 30 seconds even when the device is plugged in.

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  • Fred_JFred_J Posts: 3Member New User
    It did not do this for a while but the hard drive just died this week end, I bought this computer less than 2 years ago and only have issues with it, I still have a 12 years old Acer computer that works fine and a chromebook. I am very sad that the quality is not what it used to be.

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