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does my monitor have speakers?

helpmeplzhelpmeplz Posts: 1Member Newbie
hey guys, I just bought a new ED246Y 24" acer monitor. ive plugged in my HDMI cord into my new acer desktop computer.
the video is fine but I cant seem to get audio to come out of my monitor. ive tried updating drivers, setting the monitor to default audio and still nothing happens.
I feel like its a super easy fix but im not too great with computers. im starting to think that this monitor just doesn't have speakers built in. do I need a special cord for audio that Im un aware of? I thought HDMI covered both but I guess im wrong.
any feedback would be greatly appreciated
thanks in advance, 

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  • Jack22Jack22 Posts: 1,487ACE Pioneer
    Sorry, your monitor does not have an inbuilt speakers

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