Acer AH101 gone dark/black screens

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Got my AH101 6 days ago, worked for 3 days and then just gone black. I spend the last 3 days troubleshooting, reading forums, reinstalling the whole system, updating, trying different ports, settings, drivers etc., but no luck. I'm really getting frustrated with this, hence it worked so well at first, at both 60/90Hz.

Reading the internet i understand this is a common problem with no obvious fix. One of my friends had same problem, due to faulty headset. Are there any other solution for this problem than getting another headset?



  • billsey
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    It's not all that common, but when it happens users tend to get vocal. :) Yes, your best bet is to contact Acer support for a repair or your vendor for a swap.
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    My AH101 is just over a year old and is out of warranty.  It just started developing a similar issue.  I'll be in VR and then at random times the inside display turns OFF completely (not just the null gray) but the outside is still tracking correctly.  Sometimes this behavior is also triggered if I lift the headset visor up.  Once in a while I can get it to come back on by shaking the headset, but more often than not I have to quit my game and exit the Windows Mixed Reality Portal and start it again.  This always turns the HMD back on.  I suspect there is a sensor that isn't working correctly in the Acer device.  This is getting quite frustrating when I'm in the middle of an intense game and suddenly my HMD display goes dark.
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    There is a proximity sensor in the headset that detects your head. That's what is used to turn the screens on. I'm not familiar enough with failure modes on proximity sensors to guess what might be going on, maybe dirty surface keeping it from triggering or poor connectivity keeping the trigger from telling the control board the head is there? I assume the sensor is mounted to the control board so that might be a direction to look...
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    So, i got my headset replaced - the unit for the screens were toast. Though in the new headset, one of the screens have strange stripes when running 90Hz.

    On a sidenote:
    My brother, his friend and I have bought 3 AH101 WMR headsets, run on 3 different pc's and 2 of them were defective and got replaced. Maybe we are just unlucky i guess.
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    Make sure Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has been installed on your computer, and your system meets the system requirements. You can find out if your PC is compatible by downloading and installing the Windows Mixed Reality PC Check app.