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In this Training Room video, @wtfmoses and performance coach Dan Himmelstein talk about how to properly vent frustration and improve your state of mind by understanding the type of player you are.

This video could not have come at a better time!

I recently started playing Overwatch, and while most of my time playing the game has been quite fun, this week I had my first experience with a real toxic player.  Some may say I'm lucky it took this long!

I main support (mostly Mercy) because I feel I have more fun playing on a losing team trying to help the rest of the team than playing tank (and  have people run around like chickens with their heads cut off) or DPS (and die because the healer would rather snipe enemies than heal me :confounded: Also, I can’t aim, like at all – AT ALL).  In this particular game I was playing Mercy, and Pharah wanted me to focus on her for that Pharmercy combo.  Normally I would have done so, but the second healer was focused on trying to kill people instead of taking care of the rest of the team.  And everyone knows that no matter how nicely you ask them to focus on healing, all they will hear is “You're a terrible player, can you please do your job?”  I always focus on what I can do for the team.  In this case, it was to make sure all 5 were healed and that’s what I tried to do.  Unfortunately, because Pharah kept going Rambo on the front line I couldn’t get to her in time and died twice.  That’s when she started talking trash in chat.  My big mistake was engaging them in chat, which didn’t help at all, it only made things worse.

Since then I decided the best way to deal with toxic player is to focus on my job and block them.  Like, literally right click and block them.  You may lose the match but you’ll retain your sanity!