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Nitro AN515-42 ... I have in any game low fps (15-20), i cannot figure out the problem

poi4455poi4455 Posts: 1Member New User
i got this laptop 3 months ago and I do not use it primary for gaming, but when I start almost any game i have a huge framedrops ... for example Skyrim (15 fps), WoT (11 fps),even the Call of Duty (2003) was below 25 fps 

i tried update all drivers, lowering graphics and nothing realy has changed pretty much... 

can the problem be in hardware or is there any possible solution which can be done without servicing it ?

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  • D3n1aLD3n1aL Posts: 1Member New User
    i got the same problem.
  • vkkvkk Posts: 65Member Devotee
    Check for throttling &  temperatures and for latest windows/bios/driver updates 
  • JandusJandus Posts: 5Member


    The usual problem is that the games are defaulting to your integrated card (Vega 8) and since that graphics chip is not nearly as powerful as your dedicated GPU (560X) then you'll get much much lower framerates.

    One way to check is to monitor the temperatures on your Radeon 560X by using a free program like HWInfo (https://www.hwinfo.com/download/) to watch the temperatures as you play the game.  Install the program and run it and then launch whatever game you want.  As you're in the game, Alt-Tab out and then check the temperature on your 560X - if it's sitting super low or at 0 then you know it's not being used.

    If this IS the problem then there's two ways to fix it (that I've found):

    1.  Start -> Settings -> System -> Display -> Scroll down to graphics settings.  Add the executable for your game and change the profile to "High Performance" so that it uses your dGPU (dedicated GPU)

    2.  Use the Radeon software to add a profile for whatever game and make it default to your dGPU when executed.  (Don't have the steps offhand)


  • RedfanRedfan Posts: 65Member Devotee
    Go to power options, then advanced power options, click on switchable dynamic graphics, max the performance settings, then it will use the rx560x by default, without that option, the GPU becomes obsolete, which is why im holding the 1809 update and have 1803 recovery drives, I called Acer and they told me that there is no fix other than going back to 1803 and they don't provide recovery drives with 1809 or a way to update to 1809 without loosing the ability to use the GPU, I did notice that within the last 2 weeks in acer Canada website, they removed the AMD options and just left intel for the same price the AMD option was going for.
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