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Predator XB321HK Terrible audio quality from built in speakers

SmokersCoughSmokersCough Posts: 1Member New User
Hi guys,

I recently bought the Predator XB321HK monitor and its great... well... apart from the speakers. Straight out of the box and connected over DP the device didn't register as an audio device. So after leaving it off for a night (turning off the power) it now registers as an audio device.. but dear god the quality is absolutely awful. A few issues i'm having are:

- The audio is very, very tinny and also very quiet, even with the monitor volume and windows volume at max, i have an AOC monitor with built in speakers and the difference when i switch between them is very very obvious. To try and get this across, when i first heard the audio from the Predator, i thought it was actually coming from my headphones! Thats the type of quality. 
- Very obvious when playing MP3 files between the two monitors.
- Distortion and vibration when listening to some songs. 

Now i've tried disconnecting it, swapping cables over, resetting the power, installing the drivers found here (https://www.acer.com/ac/en/GB/content/support-product/6488?b=1 - oddly enough the latest driver for this is for windows 8 .. im running windows 10), running the windows audio tests to see if there is a problem, but nothing is reported. 

Is there an audio driver or a is there something wrong with the monitor itself, i'd really love to avoid sending it back.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • RidingTheFlowRidingTheFlow Posts: 93Member Fixer
    Sorry to say it, but there is nothing wrong with your monitor or drivers. That just how speakers are on this model - they are downright terrible. I am baffled why Acer bothered to wasted (even small) money & effort on putting such bad speakers at all.

    I've ended getting myself a very good sound bar and forgot about built in speakers.
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