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Ok here is the skinny. I have purchased a new Crucial 1TB SSD and have cloned it from my current 256SSD from my Acer Nitro 5 laptop. I had used Acronis to do the cloning and somehow lost my 1TB HDD in the process, which I had NOT messed with, and now I am trying to figure out why this has happened and what are my options to fix this. I had made sure that during the cloning process that I had selected my correct, former, 256GB SSD and chose to clone it to my wanted 1TB SSD. I am trying to figure out a way/steps to take in order to see where my 1TB HDD has gone and how to get it back. Furthermore, I do not see that my drive in Windows under the My PC tab reflects the correct amount of space. Meaning it still shows that the SSD only has the 237GB of its 256GB when it should state that it has the 1000GB/1TB. I do not care for any of the information that is on it excluding the needed M10 OS data but other than that there is nothing needed. Would you be able to assist me in this situation?

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    When you clone a drive, you clone the partition on it. You will need to extend the partition to use the full size of the disk. No idea about your HDD though, sorry
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    Hi @Chris0315
    Could you please post the full model name, is your OS in RAID0 setup? you can find this by opening IRST and checking the Status tab, what are the SSDs used  are they M.2 SSDs? could you also please post some snips of your Disk management and IRST status.

  • Chris0315Chris0315 Member Posts: 8 New User

    Model Name: AN515-51-53W5
    Part Number: NH.Q2QAA.012

    Now I do not fully understand the IRST bit nor has it came up on my search so I would not know where to look for the IRST information

  • Hi,
    Sorry, it was a guess on my part about IRST, you don't have it installed, forget about it, now you can see the 1TB cloned SSD with your OS in Disk management, you can take out the 256GB SSD and boot with the 1TB SSD.
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