Acer nitro 5 ANS15-52 super slow + lag spikes since beginning.

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A couple of months ago I bought the ANS15-52. Directly from the start it would just freeze low intensity programs like a browser. My gf couldn't use video edition programs, because each time it would just freeze forever. When I played games, I had this massive lag spikes after 30 minute. It turns out that the CPUs started warming a lot after a while, sometimes hitting the 100 degrees. One time the laptop even emergency shut down itself for that reason.

So I started to do a lot of things, updating drivers, downloading software for intel optane. Completely wiping windows. Also since the laptop has 2 graphic cards and a game can only run on one at a time (intel and nvidia), I tried running the game one time on the intel, as nvidia is default, but to no avail. I did a lot of other things that were recommended in such cases. Ok so at one point I sent my laptop to the Acer repair center and after a few weeks they said it was solved. Great, so I went there and it turned out that they did almost the same as I did, clean windows wipe (they didn't know my password, so they never even tried the laptop with my settings), update drivers etc etc. Basically the only things they did that I hvn't done myself, is update the bios and renew some pasta for my ventilator (which just attacks the symptoms, high temperature, rather than solving the core of the problem, which remains unknown). They told me that the problem was intel optane, that it wsn't working and now it is. And they that didn't have problems after that on my laptop. But ye, since they wiped windows, they wiped the intel optane software, so no wonder intel optane wsn't working for them. For me intel optane was working after I installed the intel optane software prior to bringing the laptop for repair. So when they told me that, I knew directly that it was ***** and I tried to convince them they didn't solve the problem, but they just told me to try it again and come back if it doesn't work. And even if optane would not work, it still shouldn't have lag spikes, because I had a laptop prior to this one, who had a CPU with 1/4th of the power this one has and the same amount of RAM, on that computer the same games worked fine.

Anyway so I was home, tried my laptop and boom, 3 minutes later the first programs started freezing. It seemed like it got even worse than it was before. A lot of basic settings like booting with 12 cores instead of 1 weren't even set in the msconfig. The temperatures were spiking 95 again.

I have no clue what to do now, I saw on this forum that there was someone else with the exact same model having similar problems and there also seem to be reports of other Nitro 5's with those problems. Could it be that it is related to the model or motherboard? Because with passmark, my CPU seems to score a little bit below the average of its model (average is 12.5k, while mine hits 10k), but still should be more than fine to run those programs normally. Also the disk hits 100% in task manager all the time, but there seems to be no problem with it. My RAM is always using 3 GB out of the 8 GB standarly, but only 300 MB of it is shown in the task manager, but also my RAM does not seem to have any problem according to various testing programs.

I was thinking to either install windows on a external hard drive and run it from there, to see if the problems persist. Or to install Ubuntu on the same HDD and play a game on it. I don't want to keep going back and forth to the acer repair store if they are not able to repair it, it is a huge waste of time and since I am leaving this country in one month, I don't have time for it either. But what I really want, is just that either Acer can solve my problem or that I get a new laptop from a different model in the same price class, because I don't trust this model anymore.

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