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Hai there
just wanted to know is it  possible to check if your nitro 5 speed have decreased? From day 1

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  • tobimaru
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    It's hard to answer a question as generic as this.

    Short Answer - Yes, with use it can slow down.

    Long Answer - In general, the more you use your laptop the higher the potential is that it will slow down. This is due to a number of things, mainly thermals (heat) and a lack of available storage. Even SSD's as susceptible to slow-downs if they are at or near capacity. The longer you use a hard-drive, the higher the chance is you will fill it up. Similarly, the longer your laptop is functioning the higher the chance is it will slowly fill with dust, hair, etc and slow down the fans which in turn reduces cooling which in turn raises temperatures which in turn thermal throttles all your components. However, if you keep it clean at all times and regularly check things like hard-drive space and temperatures you should be running at optimal performance.

    Also, it's worth mentioning that if you did not perform some performance benchmark or test when you first received the laptop then it's impossible to perform one now and compare it to your past theoretical performance. You'd be comparing something with nothing.

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