Nitro 5 constant GPU activity with GTX 1060

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I just got Acer Nitro AN515-52 few days ago and I got a question. On my old laptop (Lenovo Legion Y-520) with GTX 1050 my GPU activity was showing empty unless I was gaming. Now with Nitro 5 and with GTX 1060 I constantly have "useless" activity on my nvidia GPU and these applications could clearly do well even with just the Intel GPU. It does the same thing even when not plugged in and I assume it's draining my battery faster. Anyone have a solution for this? I already tried reinstalling drivers (actually reinstalled whole windows).

Here's a picture of my GPU activity (should be empty right now):


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    Problem kinda solved... I realised that GTX 1060 is just running everything I throw on my external monitor. So if I start my laptop with no HDMI connected then it only launched one .exe (which was one I could disable). Now if I'm not running with external monitor the laptop is not using nvidia GPU at all.