RAM affects warrenty ?I want to upgrade my RAM 4 to 8 but I do not know, does it affects warrenty ?

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I want to upgrade my RAM 4 to 8 but I do not know, does it affects warrenty ? 

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    Installing a memory modules  will not void warranty. The warranty would only void if you break something while installing it, which is extremely unlikely to happen. You may contact Acer support in your region and get more information on warranty of your device. 

    Acer Turkey : https://www.acer.com/ac/tr/TR/content/service-contact

    Acer worldwide : http://www.acer.com/worldwide/support/

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    да для установки озу требуется вскрыть устройство это анулирует гарантию о возрате срецтв повреждает гарантийную краску на болтах


    Yes, to install the RAM you need to open the device, it voids the return warranty, it damages the warranty paint on the bolts

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    It depends on the country how the warranty is interpreted/enforced, in Singapore even breaking a sticker on the bottom case screw may void the warranty but, in the USA, definitely not. If you upgrade RAM without disconnecting the battery possibly resulting in MOBO failures that would be a valid reason by Acer Services worldwide to refuse free repairs.

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