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  • DeserysDeserys Posts: 11Member


    Sorry for necroposting, but i have to leave something useful.
    If you are having problems with this, then follow this guide and set fans to AUTO:

    1: Download and install RWEverything (it is free). 2: Open the App, and go to EC (embedded controller) - located at top middle.

    All this hex numbers constitute the EC, whenever you click on one of them, their decimal value will be displayed in red on the top left of the table.

    3: Locate the position "189", which its value will be "52", change this value to "4E" and, after 1 minute, both fans will be spinning at full speed (jet engine like).

    The "52" value (standard) let the fans at AUTO, while "4E" spool them to FULL.

  • ArnyArny Posts: 1Member New User
    hey man i got little problem with  notebook fancontroller in csgo this app set my FPS on 50 and cant change it  my optimal csgo FPS is 150 FPS can u help me with this i play on acer VX 15 
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