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My Nvidia gtx 1060 is not functioning

AhmedAwad74AhmedAwad74 Posts: 2Member New User
I recently bought the Acer predator helios 300 and I have a serious problem. First 2 hours the device was working fine but after I restarted it I found out that the Nvidia graphics card is disabled. I opened device manager to see what's the problem then I found out it has that error 43 (windows has disabled this device because it reported problems). I tried everything possible from updating to uninstalling but nothing changed. I DID NOT play any kind of games on it yet. I'm really disappointed. what should I do please help me.

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  • IVAN_PCIVAN_PC Posts: 4,199ACE Pathfinder

    With what operating system, are you working on the new graph?

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  • sri369sri369 Posts: 1,624Member Community Aficionado
    Error 43 indicates hardware failure in most cases.
    Somethings you can try to do is uninstalling all nvidia software and reinstalling the same. It could also be a bad driver windows loaded.

    If it still doesn't work, contact Acer warranty support.

    VERY IMPORTANT: Disable windows update option to update device drivers. Windows can load a bad driver at times.
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    I am not an Acer employee.
    Your issue could get better coverage and more answers if posted in forums than in a message to me.

    User benchmark: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/10977437

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