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Laptop Onboard Mic doesnt work when theres a headphone without an inbuilt mic connected.

Cypher99xCypher99x Posts: 2Member Newbie
as the title explains , the onboard mic doesnt work when the headphone is connected. ive gone through all the menus that exist on the computer but the laptop doesnt seem to understand that if there isnt a microphone ont he headphone, it shouldnt play static but simply use the already onboard default microphone. its an acer predator helios 300. discord or any sort of games are unplayable because i cant keep my headphones plugged in and use the mic.

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  • ATR42ATR42 Posts: 54Member Devotee
    I’ll try this again.  For some reason my post went into the wrong thread...

     I’m assuming you are not using USB? And that you are using the 3.5mm jacks. If nothing is plugged into the mic jack itself the laptop should see anything there, thus it should simply continue using the onboard mic. 

    I use headset w no mic and use built in mic and it works fine. 

    I would verify under sound, properties, that your mic is set to the onboard mic (top device on our laptop), and that it is set as “default communications device”. 

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  • Red-SandRed-Sand Posts: 1,824ACE Pathfinder
    Right click sound/speaker icon system tray > audio properties > then on the microphone tab find the "Realtek" microphone (onboard) and right click > set as default communications device.
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