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What is an acceptable repair time?

W0mble77W0mble77 Posts: 4Member New User
On the 17th September I received an email saying my projector had been received. 
I had made detailed note of all the issues over phone and put in box.
Then I was asked what the issues were.
Then I was told it needed parts.
Then today I'm told the parts were faulty and they need to order some more.
What is considered too long before a replacement is sent?
Thank you in advance of any experience or advice .

FAQ & Answers

  • thamahes2018thamahes2018 Posts: 175Member Skilled Fixer
    Hi W0mble77, Turn around time to receive the monitor from the repair center will be 7-10 Business days.
  • W0mble77W0mble77 Posts: 4Member New User
    I received this today....

    Thank you for your e-mail.
    With regards to an update on your products repair, I can confirm that the information you have supplied is correct. Regretfully, the parts ordered were DOA (dead on arrival) and as such we were required to order the part(s) again from our distributor. We appreciate the inconvenience this causes and we sincerely apologise for the delay.
    With reference to your request for a replacement/refund however, I can confirm that this is not something that Acer would look to honour. Your warranty is for repair only and as such this is all that would be carried out by ourselves.
    Of-course, this does not hinder your rights against your reseller, if I may expand on this, when you buy goods from a retailer, you enter into a contract under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (as amended). This contract holds the retailer liable for up to six years after purchase (Limitation Act 1980), providing that you can show that the problem you have experienced is down to an unreasonable fault and not normal wear and tear. We would therefore request that you contact your reseller to discuss your options further should you be unhappy to wait.
    We will look to repair your product as quickly as possible.
    Many Thanks
    Gemma Tapper
  • W0mble77W0mble77 Posts: 4Member New User
    edited October 2018
    This doesn't seem to be the policy of optoma , Dell and vivitek with similar projector issues.
    I needed this for some presentations. 
    I must say I am very disappointed as it is a fault of the acer ,repair centre and it's own suppliers. And Amazon would have to escalate this anyway.
    I wonder if they will extend the warranty for the time it takes to repair.
  • W0mble77W0mble77 Posts: 4Member New User
    My projector is still under repair!
    Is there a maximum time before a replacement is sent?
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