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Helios rocks


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    Seems like all the major brands have been struggling hard with the new 8th gen CPUs as well.

    I tested a ASUS TUF and it had a 25w long boost cap on the CPU (i7-8750H @ 2.0GHz capped) and thermal management STILL sucked.

    MSI GE with i7-8750H had a 90w power package cap and the CPU STILL can't reach 3.9GHz when all cores are active.. I have NO idea how that's even possible.

    Dell is the only one even coming close but they still have their garbage TN panels.

    You're also not the first one to say their G5 died.
    I have at least 3 members of my Helios FB group that have converted to Predator from G5 stating the same.
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    I agree with @Red-Sand. ASUS TUF has some serious issues with regards to achieving max turbo clock. My freind bought an i5-8300H version (similar to my Nitro) and that thing barely touches max clock of 4 GHz while my Nitro can easily maintain that boosted clock without any hassles. 

    Glad that I purchased a Nitro 5 instead of that thing. B)
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    Red-Sand said:


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